Don’t skip it, ads’ere it instead!

Is it just us or do you also feel there has been a large increase in rag & bone men & skip scavengers? Obviously the items we are throwing away are making these people a decent living, so why are we not recycling the items ourselves? Is it that we don’t have time? or are we impatient and just want the stuff gone as soon as possible?

We all have belongings cluttering our home and collecting dust, toys and books our kids have grown out of, household appliances we never use, old furniture sitting in the garage just incase you may need it again, DVD’s, computer equipment, the list is endless.

Wouldn’t it be great to earn some cash or help someone out who needs the things you no longer want?! Instead of tipping your items, you could place your ads’ere for free and either sell, swap or give away!

Let us help you find the things you once loved a new home….One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

If you have noticed the rise in rag & bone men or have had an experience with a skip scavenger, we would love you to share your story with us!

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