How to Sell Unwanted Items and Goods

We all have lots of unused and unwanted items collecting dust, infact according to statistics we all have at least £450 of unwanted Items just sitting in the garage, attic or wardrobe and what better way to make money than turn it into cash!

Selling unwanted Items for Cash

Selling your unwanted items is a sure fire quick way for you to make some extra money and in the current economic climate second hand sales are on the increase.

Here is a list of unwanted items that can easily be turned into cash:

    • Clothes, Shoes & Accessories
    • CD’s Games & DVD’s
    • Books
    • Mobile Phones
    • Gardening Equipment
    • Sporting Equipment
    • Jewellery
    • Antiques
    • Kids stuff 

Decisions – The key is to visit each room in your house and evaluate your belongings, do you use them on a regular basis? have you have used them in the past 12 months? whether they have any sentimental value? would someone else get more use from them? do I need the space? this will help you to decide what items to keep and what to sell.

Price – Once you have decided on the items you are going to sell, you need to work out what they would be worth to someone else, take a look on-line and find out what similar goods are priced at.  Make sure the goods are clean and not broken.

Selling – When listing the unwanted item for sale, make sure that you are honest in your description and highlight all the features and benefits, if you are unsure, look for a similar goods for sale and take ideas from the description.  Take good photograph’s so as potential buyers can get a good idea of exactly what they are buying.  Check on YouTube and see if there is a video for your item which you can add or you can video the item yourself so as people can see for themselves that it is in good working order.

Communication – Be sure to reply to questions regarding your ad politely at all times, remember the customer is always right! this will help you to build up your user rating and help you to sell other items in the future as you will be deemed trustworthy.

Payment – If you are dealing with local people or people within a community you are part of, cash on collection would be the safest option.  If you are paid by check be sure to wait for the payment to clear with your bank or building society before you send the goods.  You can also always use Paypal or Nochex  both secure ways to exchange monies.

So what are you waiting for? come and place your FREE Classified ads’ere and let us help you make money from your unwanted stuff! 


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