How to spring clean your house

It’s official spring has definitely arrived!

Shorts, T-Shirts and summer dresses seem to be out in force this morning, our village is very busy, people out walking dogs, cycling, jogging and playing with their children, it’s lovely to see.  What’s not lovely to see is the sun shining through what I thought were clean window’s however, they very clearly are not and somehow although the sun is lovely and warm it just seems to make the inside of the house feel a bit grubby.

A spring clean is definitely on order and I think the key to a good spring clean is being organised and knowing exactly where you are going to start and what you want to achieve.  My advice is to take one room at a time and if need be, make a list of your problem area’s, you can then tick these off as you go along.  The list will help you to stay on track as it’s so easy to get sidetracked.  Don’t forget the area’s which collect the most clutter:

            • Kitchen drawers
            • Bathroom cabinets
            • Garages
            • Wardrobes
            • Attics
            • Garden Shed
            • Coat Cupboard
            • Spare Room
            • Children’s Rooms

Also take time in what you are doing and put at least an hour aside for each task, it doesn’t matter if it takes a few weeks at least your can be proud that you’ve done a good job.  Try not to be too sentimental about your clutter and get your family involved especially the children where their toy’s are concerned. Try and encourage them to sell them or pass the toys onto other children who would appreciate playing with them.   The same applies to your wardrobe and accessories, if you haven’t worn something for a long time make sure you add it to the recycle pile.

Having a clean and tidy home makes you feel better in yourself, a clean kitchen can motivate you to eat healthily and help you to enjoy cooking and preparing your meals.  So what are you waiting for? get your rooms cleared and your duster out, clean in every nook and cranny, dust underneath everything and clean your windows until they shine.  Throw our old pots and pans, out of date food and scrub the fridge until it gleams.  Make yourself feel good, enjoy and be proud of your home!

If you have any cleaning tips you would like to share with us, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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