How will the 2012 budget affect you?

Budget Wednesday 21 March 2012

After a day of listening to the budget and reading various on-line information to help understand how the budget will affect us, we came across an excellent article which is very easy to understand so we thought would be a good to share with you.

Chancellor George Osborne’s 2012 Budget statement was arguably the most leaked in history. But while there may have been few surprises around announcements such as the abolition of the 50p tax rate and the increase in the tax-free income tax threshold, we now know when they will come into effect.

Please click here to read the full article and find out how the budget will affect you: Budget 2012 what it means for you

How do you feel about today’s budget? and how does it affect you? we would love to know your thoughts so please feel free to leave your comments below.


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