Top 6 tips for selling your car on-line

With the current economic climate selling your car has become a harder task, prices on some vehicles have reduced dramatically and are only worth 12% of their original purchase price three years from new.

We have put together some tips to help make selling your car on-line a little easier:

  • Price – It is crucial that you are realistic with your price, check for similar vehicles on other popular sites and price your vehicle accordingly.  This will help you with a quick sale. However also remember to build in a margin for haggling to ensure you achieve the price you want.
  • Description – Be as accurate as possible and always quote the year/number plate and how many months are left on the MOT.  Always state the condition of the car and remember it is important to include this on the receipt once you have sold the car.  Highlight your car’s best features being sure to be as descriptive as you can and not use abbreviations which some people may not understand.
  • Media – You are able to use the following media to create your ads:
    • Photograph’s sell cars, it is essential that you use good images and make sure the car is clean and tidy prior to taking the photo’s.  Make sure you include images of the whole car, taken in a good light with a good background and ensure that you include as many images as you are able to in .jpg .jpeg .gif or .png with a maximum of 2MB
    • Adding video is an excellent way for potential buyers to see your car in action and give them a real sense of exactly what you are offering, it looks very impressive too! All you need to do is upload your video to YouTube then copy and paste the URL into the required field.
    • If you want to let potential buyers listen to your car in action and assure them that you have a healthy engine, then you can take an audio clip using Audioboo and simply upload into your ad.  As soon as someone opens your ad they will hear the sound of your engine.  Instructions on how to use Audioboo are available when placing your ad.
  • Maintenance – A nice clean polished car is much more attractive to buyers, you may even want to consider a valet before a viewing and make sure the interior smells nice and clean .  Also make sure you top up your oil, water and brake fluid as a serious buyer will probably check these. Make sure you have the MOT and service history to hand along with any invoices for work carried out.
  • The Sale – Always ensure that you invite people to view the car in a good light and to avoid being a victim of car theft and never let them take the car out for a test drive on their own. Always be sure to ask that they have a driving licence and insurance before they do test drive the car.  Be vigilant with your keys, do not leave them in the ignition when you are not in the car or swapping seats.  Have your mind made up about the lowest offer you would accept and be prepared to haggle.
  • Payment & Receipt – Cash is the best form of payment to accept, if you are paid by cheque please ensure that you wait for payment to clear at your bank or building society before you release the car, never let anyone drive off in the car without you being paid in full.   Always provide a sold as seen receipt, you can print one off the AA web site as seen here: Sellers Contract 

We wish you all the very best with selling your car and hope you have found our tips helpful.



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