Beauty on a Budget – how to still look good when you’re counting the pennies

Money is tight, but we still want to look good, right ladies? So let’s not let the small matter of a lack of cash get in the way of our body (and face) beautiful!

There are many ways you can save money on beauty items, and here are a few of our favourite:

Get free samples

OK so they won’t make up for the big bottles of skin cream and foundation you usually buy, but free samples can come in handy as handbag spares, as well as giving you the opportunity to try out fragrances and makeup you wouldn’t normally buy.

As well as loitering around the makeup counter of your local Debenhams or M&S, check out online places such as Magic Freebies, My Free Makeup Samples and Free Stuff UK to have free samples sent to your door.

The only cost to you is your time (and maybe the odd junky email)!

Make your own

There’s a whole new trend for natural beauty products and what better way to make sure they’re natural than making your own? Many beauty items can be made using things you already have in the store cupboard so it’s a great way to save money too.

Look at places such as Pinterest for great recipes and ideas for skin care, makeup and more. Also download SkinBuddy’s free ebook How To Make Your Own Natural Skincare Lotions for some great ideas. Google is your friend here, and you can find some great recipes for shampoos, conditioners, body lotions and more, as well as ideas for things to do with those last remnants of lipstick and nail polish!

Hold a swap party

We’ve all done it; bought makeup and beauty items that just don’t do it for us. That half empty bottle of perfume that smelt so good when you tested it in the shop but now makes you smell like your Grandma? The foundation that blended well on your wrist in the display lights but you quickly realised made you look like an Oompa Loompa in the harsh light of day? Hair dye you’ve not quite had the guts to try out?

Well if you’ve done it then chances are your friends have too!

Grab a few pizzas and a couple of bottles of wine and have a swap party – one (wo)man’s trash is another one’s treasure and all that. Who knows what you’ll come away with?

Buy second hand

When it comes to beauty gadgets and gizmos, it can seem like there’s a new one out every week, and none of us can afford to dip into our purses quite that often, especially if it’s for something we’re not sure we’ll use. This is where buying (and selling) second hand comes in handy!

As well as being able to earn some extra beauty cash by putting your unwanted gadgets on our site, have a look at just some of our recent beauty ads that will keep your pennies in your pocket where they belong:

Still worried about the cost of things? Have a root around in your cupboards and see what you could be selling to fund your beauty habit – listing an item for sale with us is simple  and you could be out shopping with your new found cash before you know it!

We’d love to hear your ‘beauty on a budget’ tips so why not share them with us in the comments below?

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