Five things you should always buy secondhand

In our current economic climate, Britain as a nation is becoming increasingly thrifty, excellent at bargain hunting and good at recycling with numbers of people buying second hand almost doubling over the past 10 years.

ads’ere have put together a list of five items we would recommend you should always consider buying second hand.

1) Secondhand Instruments

If you are just starting out and have decided you would like a musical instrument, buying second hand can save you lots of money.  There are plenty of good quality used instruments for sale as opposed to some not so good more expensive new ones.  It is advisable that you try the instrument before you buy, so dealing with someone local is always preferable.  Also taking someone with knowledge of your chosen instrument who can assess the quality would be a good idea before you exchange any money.

2) Tools Secondhand

Buying tools from DIY stores can be extremely expensive and let’s be honest is it worth spending a fortune on something which you will probably only use once or twice?  You can find good tools available second hand as long as they are not battered and broken they will help you get your job done, you may even be lucky enough to find them for free or swap.

3) Used Video Games

According to MVC (The Market for Video & Computer Games)  the average cost of a video game is £24.32  In the current economy not everyone can afford to buy new and this has led to there being a huge market for pre owned games.  If you are prepared to wait a month or so after the release of a new game you can be sure to pick it up used and much cheaper, which it’s a great way to save yourself some money.

 4) Secondhand Sports Equipment

A large number of us are guilty of taking up a new hobby or trying to get fit by buying a treadmill or exercise bike only to lack the motivation to actually use it.  Sports equipment is expensive to buy new however, it can be picked up at bargain prices second hand. When buying used equipment it’s always a good idea to personally inspect and check it’s in good working order before you hand over your cash.

 5) Secondhand Textbooks

New academic text books can be incredibly expensive and for most students buying new books is simply out of the question.  Buying used books is a great way to save money. The majority of used books are in good condition and as long as the book is saving you money and contains all the relevant information you need this is all the matters.  It’s a good idea to look after the books you buy as they can always be sold once you have finished with them.

If you have anything to add to our list or if there are any items you always buy second hand, please feel free to let us know by adding your comments below.



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