Second Hand Baby Clothes, Furniture and Equipment

Having a baby is one of the best things in life, a very exciting time however, raising a baby can be expensive and it is possible to spend over £9000 on your baby in the first year alone. With everything so expensive when buying new baby furniture, prams/pushchairs, feeding equipment, clothing and nappies the thought of it all can be quite daunting and put a huge strain on your bank balance.

In reality you do not need to spend large amounts of money buying all brand new gear, you may simply choose not to or you may not be able to afford to but you can pick up some lovely secondhand baby equipment which will do the very same job as brand new.    You may even be lucky enough to find some items that you can borrow from friends or family or they may be advertised for free.

Secondhand Prams/Pushchairs

Try before you buy, visit a baby store if you can and get an idea of the type of pram you want. Always try and consider the following..

  • Will your baby be comfortable?
  • The weight? can you lift it easily?
  • Is it easy to fold?
  • Will it fit in your car boot?
  • How long will it last(age group)?
  • Can you use your car seat on the wheels?
  • Does it need to be all terrain? are you going jogging?
  • Height of the handlebar? is it comfortable for you?

Once you have decided on the one that will suit you and your baby , you can start looking for a secondhand one.  Before you buy it is always worth asking friends and family if they have one you could borrow or buy.   If not there are plenty of used prams available which are almost brand new mainly due to people buying because they like the look of the pram and not considering their needs before they buy.  When buying secondhand make sure your pram meets the latest safety standards and it has a British Standard safety sticker , which if it has been purchased in the UK in the past 10 years it will have.  The following article provides some good safety tips Safety checks when Buying Secondhand

Secondhand Baby Nursery

It’s always best to measure the size of your room and plan your furniture layout with the items you need such as cot, baby changing table, wardrobe, baby monitor etc.  Most importantly you need to consider your baby’s safety, you should be creating a safe haven, a fun place for your baby to spend time and feel secure. For hints and tips on creating a safe environment to raise your baby in, please read the following article Basic Baby proofing & Child Proofing

Once you have decided on the Clothes, Furniture and Equipment which you need you can start saving yourself money by finding the items you need secondhand.  Please be aware that we would not recommend you using a secondhand mattress as they have been linked to health issues including germs and even cot death. Also secondhand car seats are not a good idea as you are unable to tell if they have been damaged in an accident.

Other important items you may want and can source secondhand are the following:

    • High chair
    • Clothing 
    • Toys
    • Steilizer (if bottle feeding)
    • Breast pump (if breast feeding)
    • Clothing
    • Stair gates

There are currently plenty of ads in our baby category, here are a handful for you to browse:

Whatever items you are considering purchasing secondhand please make sure that you do your home work and that the items are in good condition before you exchange any money and Stay Safe On-line.   If you have any doubt about the items at all, please do not buy as there is no point in taking risks where your child is concerned.


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