Shwopping – what a fantastic idea!

I was relaxing in front of the TV last night, well when I say relaxing, I mean not really concentrating on TV but messing with my lap top whilst half heartedly watching a programme and I suddenly heard the three magic words reduce, reuse and recycle, which stopped me in my tracks.  I was so pleased to be hearing them being spoken by Joanna Luumley on behalf of Marks and Spencer promoting their new Shwopping initiative.  Shwopping I hear you say, what on earth is that? well it’s a new ethical campaign from M&S, they have formed a partnership with Oxfam to encourage us all to recycle our unwanted clothing.

The idea is that whenever you shop in Marks and Spencer they are asking that you take with you an item of unwanted clothing and place it in their Shwop Drop bins in store.  All items will be passed to Oxfam and recycled and the money raised will all go towards helping people living in poverty.  The main aim for M&S is to recycle as many items of clothes as it sells in a year which would equate to 350 million.  According to statistics an incredible 10,000 items of clothing go to landfill every 5 minutes, this is 1 billion per year.

I can honestly say that I have never thrown clothing away, I have always passed children’s clothes to family and friends as hand me downs and our unwanted adult clothing goes to our local charity shops and anything that I feel I can sell to make some cash from I have sold on-line.  I am absolutely staggered by the land fill statistics and would ask you all to seriously think about what you do with your unwanted clothing.

Well done M&S – I am loving Shwopping and will certainly be using the Shwop & Drop bins, obviously I will still also donate to my local charity shops too as there are other charities just as important as Oxfam who need our unwanted clothing to recycle, but I feel that  anything we can do to reduce landfill has to be a good thing.

How do you feel about Shwopping? would you like to share your clothes recycling ideas with us? what do you do with your unwanted clothing?  please leave your comments below and share with us.

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