Why we don’t like animals at ads’ere.com

A bit of an inflammatory title, eh?

Let me expand a little – we LOVE animals, but we HATE adverts that offer animals for sale.

We understand that animals have always been sold and will continue to be sold, but not here at ads’ere, no sirree.

Having grown up surrounded by cats, dogs, rabbits, ponies and more, we know the care attention and work that goes into owning a pet. We also know that the decision to own that pet should be made after a long thought process, not just as a result of seeing a cute picture on the internet.

Much as the internet has made our lives easier in so many ways, it’s sad to see how easy it has made it to pick up the latest fad pet, whether it be a miniature pig or a cute little tortoise. You click a few links, give your credit card details and voila, you have a new addition to your family! Great!

What’s not so great is that a cute little picture and an easy buying process doesn’t convey the amount of commitment a pet brings. It doesn’t tell you how to look after the animal you’ve bought. And it doesn’t tell you whether the pet you’ve chosen is the right one for you, your family or your lifestyle.

We love animals too much to see them placed in unsuitable homes.

On the other side of the coin, the internet has also made it easy for people to sell animals. They say “You can be anything you like on the internet” and in a lot of cases that’s not a good thing.

That gorgeous dog that’s for sale? The one the owner says is great with kids, housetrained and loves cats? How do you know for sure? Until you bring him home to your family and other pets, and the unmentionable happens. It’s not easy to get rid of a dog that’s not child friendly, and unfortunately some unscrupulous owners will make a few pounds while passing their pets onto homes that are blatantly wrong. Issues aren’t disclosed, and these poor animals end up being passed from home to home, making their behaviour worse, until they end up being palmed off on somewhere like the RSPCA or Battersea Dogs’ Home, running the risk of never finding a suitable home.

It’s not just dogs; the internet makes it so easy for unlicensed breeders to sell all manner of animals without correct certificates, advice or health assurances.

A site that allows animal ads is a great thing for puppy farms, banned breeders, fake pedigrees and more; we won’t be a part of that.

So please, take it from us, in this instance, we don’t like animals at ads’ere.com.

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