Buying secondhand horse riding equipment

Horse riding has been my passion  since I was eight years old and I have been extremely fortunate to have owned ponies growing up and into my late twenties.  However, when I became pregnant, unfortunately I didn’t feel that I would be able to give both my horse and baby the attention they deserved, so made the hard decision to give up until my children were old enough to ride.    Luckily my five year old daughter has now fallen in love with horse riding, something I am really happy about, but it’s costing me an absolute fortune.  It is such a fantastic hobby for children, keeping them active in the fresh air and learning to care and look after animals is so important, plus keeping them off the streets is an added bonus, however, it can be very expensive.

Horse Riding & Equipment

The following basic equipment is needed for riding lessons, riding hat, jodhpurs, riding boots, back protector and gloves.   I am very reluctant to buy all new gear for my daughter because she is growing so fast her clothes and shoes do not last five minutes, so I have bought her secondhand boots and jodhpurs and gratefully received hand-me -downs from friends.  However, I do know that riding hats and back protectors should never be bought secondhand unless you know the person selling them.  All items which impact on a riders safety should be purchased with care, please click here for more information Basic Riding Equipment (The British Horse Society)

Owning a Horse or Pony

Keeping a horse or pony is a continuous financial commitment as well as being extremely time consuming, it is a huge responsibility and should not be entered into without thorough consideration .  Horses require your care and attention on a daily basis even on those dark freezing cold winters nights, they are totally dependent on you.  I have seriously considered buying a pony, but have decided that at the moment with work commitments and the age of my daughter, now is not the right time, so we are continuing with riding lessons for the time being.

The cost of keeping your horse or pony can vary greatly depending on whether you have your own land are going to rent a field or place your horse/pony in livery.  Other costs which need to be considered are:

  • Feed
  • Rugs
  • Bedding
  • Farrier (New Shoes)
  • Vets
  • Insurance
  • Transport
  • Tack

Click here to see the costs of keeping a horse or pony


You will need the following basic equipment  for your horse or pony – a correctly fitted saddle, bridle, girth, head collar, lead rope, grooming kit, first aid kit, rugs and equipment for mucking out. Buying new equipment will vary in price depending on manufacturer and quality. Secondhand tack and rugs are considerably cheaper but they need to be checked thoroughly for any damage or wear tear.   It is also advisable to have your saddle fitted by a qualified reputable fitter which you can find here The Society of Master Saddlers 

It is advisable when buying secondhand items that you purchase them locally so as you can view the items before you exchange monies and stay safe online.

Hopefully, I will own a pony again one day and my children can experience all the fun I did when growing up, I loved the gymkhanas at weekends and I’m sure they will too!   I have created the Horse Riding Equipment Selling Group on ads’ere a fantastic FREE place to buy, sell, swap or give away new or used horse riding gear, so please come and join me and hopefully we can all save some money.

Please be mindful that it is ads’ere company policy not to allow the advertisement of animals on our site.


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