You CAN make money from old rope!

OK, maybe not old rope but that old biscuit tin in the back of a cupboard, the hideous vase your parents got for their wedding 50 years ago, the dusty old jewellery your great aunt left you but you never wear, and much more.

Antiques never go out of fashion, and one man’s hate is another man’s prized possession.

If you have an attic full of stuff that you don’t know what to do with, it really could be worth a fortune.

Kiera Griffin thought her Grandmother’s old doorstop was pretty hideous (although we think it’s quite gorgeous actually) until she took it to Antiques Roadshow and it turned out to be worth £20,000!

John Richards bought a handbag in a charity shop for just £20 – it turns out it was a rare Philip Treacy bag and was in fact worth as much as £350,000!

And let’s not forget the very lucky mystery man who sold an old painting that had been covering a hole in a wall in his home to The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston for $1.2million!

Of course, you’d have to be very lucky to produce a story such as the three above, but you never know!

So, how do you find out what your old items are worth, and where can you sell them to make the most?

How much is my antique worth?

Of course before you go out to sell, you need to know how much the item you have is worth. This is pretty easy, but it’s still best to get more than one place, just to see if they tally.

5 places I can use to value my antique

Local antiques shop

Pop along to your local antiques dealer and let him or her value your item. Remember that they’re going to give you less than it is worth as they have to make money when they sell it, but it should give you a ballpark figure.

Check out online auction sites

Have a look on online auction sites such as ads’ere and see if someone is selling something similar. Keep an eye on the price it makes and have that in your mind when you’re selling your item.

Go to the library

Pick up a book on antiques and see if your item is in there – this is research you could do online too without too much effort.

Try and get on Antiques Roadshow 🙂

OK it’s a long shot, but you never know! Find out if they’re going to be nearby and pop along to see if that watch you’ve never polished could buy your next house.

Where can I sell my antique?

Depending on the amount of work you want to put in, there are a few places you could sell your item.

The local antiques shop

If you’re happy with the price you’re offered, then this is probably the easiest way to sell. As mentioned before, you may not get the exact value of the item, and it is of course possible that you could be reading about it being worth millions in the Daily Mail a few months later!

The local newspaper

Advertisements in local papers don’t tend to be expensive, and someone out there may recognise exactly what that grainy black and white picture is, and be willing to spend a fortune on it.

You could also end up fielding a load of phone calls and have people come to look at the item and not buy, so we’re not convinced on this route.

An auction room

If you have an auction room near you, this is a good way to go, as they’ll give you an idea of the value, and it’s in their interests to drive the price up as high as possible. Of course, there is their commission to consider, and even with a reserve price you could find yourself not getting the true value.

An online auction site

Not quite as easy as going along to your local antique dealer, as you’ll have to photograph it, write the description, set a reserve price and then hope it sell. But this is the best way, in our opinion.

A well written description and some great looking photos could see the bids coming in fast and furiously, and the spirit of competition means that some items go for more than their worth just because someone wants to own them!

We have a great antiques section here at ads’ere – why not list your items there, then all you have to do is arrange transport and collect the money. You could be on that beach in Hawaii in no time at all!

Check out some of our antiques for sale here.


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