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This weekend I’ve had a massive declutter of my house, I had been putting it off for ages. However due to having new carpets fitted, I thought it would be the perfect time to clear the clutter, have a good old spring clean and attempt to make some extra cash.  I was astounded by the quantity of stuff I have which has not been used for a long time and is just taking up much needed space.  I have now relocated and organised the clutter in my garage  and am slowly placing my for sale ads with the aim of clearing my garage by Christmas 🙂  

Creating My Selling Page

I thought the best way for me to place my items for sale would be to create my own selling page on ads’ere.  This will enable me  to post my selling page on Facebook, twitter, Google+ and I can also e-Mail the link to my page to all my contacts letting everyone see all my sale ads in one place.

This is the process I went through to create my own selling page:

  • Go to
  • Register for free by simply adding your e-Mail address
  • Click on communities
  • Select create a community
  • Create a community title (e.g. Lisa’s Selling Page)
  • Select a Category best suited to your items for sale (I chose regional)
  • Choose an image for your page
  • Give your selling page a description, you may wish to let everyone know a little bit about you and where your items are from.
  • Decide if you want your selling page to be public so anyone can join or private so you are in control of your members.  If you do have people who want to join your selling page they will be kept up to date with your items for sale, as each time you place a new ad they will receive an e-Mail to inform them.

Once you have created your selling page you can start to place ads for free.  Placing ads on ads’ere is very simple, you can use photographs, video and even audio to help you sell your items.  Just make sure you choose community when you fill in the locality field and then choose your selling page this will ensure your ad ends up in the right place.

Share your Selling Page on Facebook

It’s so easy to share your selling page on Facebook, just click on the share icon underneath the community to share to your own Facebook page or you can copy the URL from the address bar and post it onto someone else’s Facebook wall. For example I have shared my selling page on my local Facebook Selling page – people are able to view all my ads in one place instead of having to scroll through news feeds.  You can also share your individual ads if you wish.

Using ads’ere is an excellent way for me to stay organised and keep control of all my ads, from my ad management center I can view, edit or remove my ads at any time.

If you would like to set up your own selling page and need a hand, please feel free to e-Mail me and I will be happy to help

Check out my selling page by browsing communities and selecting Lisa’s Selling Page 🙂 grab a bargain.

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