5 Life Hacks to Save Money

We’re all looking for ways to save a few pounds here and there, especially around the holiday season. Even if you’re already good at budgeting, you might be surprised at how much the pennies can add up just by making a few simple changes in your day to day life. So, here are 5 life hacks to help you save money!


  1. Lower the Brightness of Your Screens


Reducing the brightness of your TV and computer monitors is a great way to save energy and money with hardly any effort at all. Most people won’t notice a reduction in brightness, and by reducing the brightness down from 100% you could save tens or even hundreds of pounds per year! Most monitors are calibrated for the bright lights of showrooms, but you probably don’t need that level of brightness to just chill out and watch some TV.


  1. Use Cash Rather Than Cards


Research suggests that people are more likely to spend more when using a debit or credit card compared to cash. When you think about it, this isn’t too surprising: the physical action of counting out and handing over cash is probably more likely to make you consider whether you really need to buy something. Likewise, cash can feel like more of a valuable but limited asset, so you’re more likely to try to conserve it where possible.


  1. Air Dry Your Clothes


It isn’t always necessary to use a tumble dryer after washing your clothes and bedding, unless you need them pretty much immediately. You can get just the same result (potentially with less creasing) by air drying on a line or rack instead. By being a bit more conservative with the use of your dryer, you could save over £100 on your bills every year.


  1. Use Coupons & Shopping Lists


You don’t (necessarily) have to spend hours cutting them out of the newspaper, but even in the modern world coupons are still a great way to save money on a range of products. There are plenty of websites that offer online and offline discounts that you can take advantage of, and there’s really no reason not to- especially if you’re about to go for a big shop or purchase a pricey item. Identifying what you need beforehand and always bringing a list when you go shopping can also help you to avoid impulse purchases that you might regret later.


  1. Buy it to Last


One common pitfall of people trying to save money is buying the cheapest item available… and then buying it again when it breaks or wears out a few months later. While a cheaper option might seem more economical, this approach could end up costing you a lot more on certain items in the long run- not to mention that cheaper items often aren’t as good even when they’re usable. Instead, use your best judgement and consider paying more for items such as footwear, clothing, appliances and technology. (Yes, that means no more umbrellas from the local pound shop that break in a gentle breeze).


So, there’s a few ways you can start saving some extra cash with minimal time and effort. And if you want to sell your unused items or find some great deals, why not sign up for ads’ere too?

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