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Get sporty this Summer with ads’!

We’re legally not allowed to mention the “O” word, but let’s just say it’s going to be a Summer of Sport and we’re going to love every minute of it! Whether you’re an armchair competitor or you’ll be out there … Continue reading

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You CAN make money from old rope!

OK, maybe not old rope but that old biscuit tin in the back of a cupboard, the hideous vase your parents got for their wedding 50 years ago, the dusty old jewellery your great aunt left you but you never … Continue reading

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Why we don’t like animals at ads’

A bit of an inflammatory title, eh? Let me expand a little – we LOVE animals, but we HATE adverts that offer animals for sale. We understand that animals have always been sold and will continue to be sold, but … Continue reading

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Using communities to sell your unwanted items

You already know you can sell your items for free on our main site, right? But have you checked out our Communities section yet? No? Well read on and then go do it! Part of a car enthusiast club? living … Continue reading

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Make money from old vinyl records

We’ve all got them hanging around – those old LPs and singles we no longer listen to as we’ve upgraded to the latest digital music formats. Maybe they’re stashed in boxes in your loft, behind the paint tins in the … Continue reading

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Beauty on a Budget – how to still look good when you’re counting the pennies

Money is tight, but we still want to look good, right ladies? So let’s not let the small matter of a lack of cash get in the way of our body (and face) beautiful! There are many ways you can … Continue reading

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Spruce up your garden this Spring!

Spring is well and truly here and we have some great ideas to help you get your garden ready for a long hot Summer, UK style (OK, optimistic we know, but a girl can dream!) If your garden is looking … Continue reading

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5 Wedding Day Moneysavers

It’s the day a lot of women grow up dreaming of, and the pressure is on to make it perfect. Your wedding day. With recent reports stating that a UK wedding costs an average of between £15,000 and £25,000, the … Continue reading

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