One Man’s Junk

Guest post from ads’ere member Sarah-Jayne Windridge-France

A little while back a friend asked me if there was a fire (or, perhaps more fittingly for Yorkshire right now, a flood) what would you save?  I have a list of approximately 90 items … with at least a couple of hundred in close reserves!!  In other words too, too much.

My life has always been pretty hectic, but with 3 kids and health issues, and a constant time famine, it seems to get more and more so.  I envy those of my friends whose houses and lives are immaculate and for whom clutter is a four-letter-word!  This is merely something that I aspire to, but will most probably never happen in this lifetime.  Oh to run away from everything and start anew.  I can’t tell you what a tempting thought that is!

As of January 2012 I decided that I had procrastinated for long enough.  Besides, we’re brassic.  Having ploughed our life savings into a much-needed specialist extension/conversion for my disabled son, and something just had to give.  That is why this New Year’s resolution (of which I assure you there were many more) I have actually stuck to and, as the months sail by, I am increasingly proud of my resolve.  My hoarding gene is depleted.  I say depleted because for one who has always hoarded as if there were a war on, – I will never be able to totally eradicate my (sadly less slim and toned than I’d like it to be) body of this gene.  That is simply impossible.  BUT, as of this year, I have decluttered with gusto (albeit barely scratching the surface so far), sent umpteen bags of undesirables to charity (for which they have been incredibly grateful) and the rest of my abominable treasures I have taken to flogging on various ‘free-sites’ to the highest (take for that – anyone who’ll have it) bidder.

Now I’ll be honest I LOVE a good car-boot.  I don’t think there’s one friend that I haven’t dragged out of bed at the crack of dawn into a wet dark field to sell our oh so exciting wares!  It’s jolly good fun and can be a quick money making scheme too – particularly if you just want rid and are happy to release your sentimental clutches from your old faves for 50p!  British Summertime 2012 however, with a very special thanks to Mother Nature and her good friend Mr Rain, has put a complete car bosh on even the remotest idea of going booting!

So, to this end I’m decluttering and down-sizing my life in more ways than one and already have a fractionally clearer mind and far better conscience for it.  Now don’t go getting giddy – to date I can’t honestly say that any floor space is actually completely clear, nor are any cupboards empty … and don’t you dare enter my dining room (which currently resembles Steptoe’s backyard) … but it’s all very much a part of the plan and an ongoing project.  I am (almost) constantly searching and slim-lining…. drawers are suddenly sliding shut a little easier and cupboards and wardrobes are no longer hanging ajar … although some things are merely jiggled about a bit and put back in their place just neater!  I’ve not quite gotten fully to grips with the thrifty/frugal new me per se!

I have, however, *smiles very smugly to oneself* got the matter firmly in hand…. and a small number of select ‘classified’ sites that are crying out for old treasures/junk/much loved nuggets of youth … like mine, are getting it BIG TIME!

So, you ask, – am I EBaying like topsy … well actually no!  You see I’ve never been a real fan.  EBaying is incredibly time consuming (I can’t sit there watching all day or all evening for that matter) and, in all honesty, I can’t afford to waste money on goods that don’t sell or the constant trips to the Post Office for that matter!  Besides which I find it all a little sinister and impersonal.  I’m a sentimental fool at heart and unwanted or not – I like to think that my old treasures will be passed on to someone with a smile on their face and a twinkle of satisfaction in their eye..  I actually prefer more local ‘free-sites’ where I feel there’s a little human contact.  The onus is very much on me to ensure that I supply just what I offered, nothing more (well ok on occasion I’ve been known to give a little extra), nothing less – because 95% of the time I hand over the goods in person … often rather reluctantly.

Therefore the sites that I am championing are prelovednetmums and the newer and perhaps little known site adsere.  As a combo these three sites suit me down to the ground.  The amount of things and the scope of things I have blatantly posted on these sites in the past six months would make even the most fearsome of EBayers blush!  Everything from much loved children’s toys, to brand new and unworn designer underwear and nut holders!?* Each of these sites are providing me with something slightly different, but nonetheless useful.    The ads’ere Site Manager was so terribly impressed with the sheer volume of goods that I bunged on there, in such a timely manner, that she sent me the most stupendously delicious Easter egg, as a ‘nod’ to my foolhardiness … or is that foolishness – I do wonder!

Can’t quite believe the CR@P I’ve shifted… But then that’s what they say isn’t it ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ … and they’re right.  I love nothing more than rooting through charity shops and car boot sale stalls … though, for now at least, this is strictly forbidden territory – which I am finding incredibly and frustratingly hard to resist!  Y’see my other alter ego is a raging SHOPAHOLIC 😉

So, on that note, I shall quickly check my site accounts before I retire to bed and rest assured in my newly sworn proviso that as soon as something is sold, I vow to place another item, or two, in its place.  You may think that it’s hard to find something … but I assure you that everyone has something, and some of us have FAR more than most!  In the wake of my depleting treasure a little mound of pennies raised by sales are hastily placed in a slowly swelling pot fondly known as the ‘Forty Fund’ for that is my ultimate goal. (I would have said paying off the mortgage – but for once I set my sights just a fraction too high!).  If this keeps up by next year I will be having one ALMIGHTY  birthday shindig!


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Win a Delicious Movie Hamper & DVD of your choice

Competition now closed.

Thank you all for you entries.

The winners have been contacted or will be contacted in the near future. We hope you enjoyed taking part and that you took the opportunity to take a look around ads’ere online classifieds too.

Thank you again, and have a good day.

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Sell your products & services with classified ads

The majority of businesses need to advertise in order to attract new customers to their products and services.  There are many ways to advertise such as online, print, television, radio and outdoor.  However, unfortunately these mostly involve spending money and in the current economic climate, with most businesses feeling the pinch, they can find themselves struggling to find the budget.   Sadly without advertising some businesses can find themselves failing to keep their business afloat, this is where ads’ere can help, we offer everyone the ability to place ads 100% free of charge with no hidden costs.

Online Classified Advertising

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB)  40.3 million people are on average going online each month in Britain making the internet a fantastic place to advertise products and services. Advertising online can allow businesses to reach their target audience easily and place ads for the world to see businesses have the opportunity to really sell themselves with the ability to enrich their ads using various types of media such as video, audio and photograph’s making ads interesting and enticing new customers.

Many local businesses have complained that the internet is destroying their trade, leaving too many empty premises in their high street. However, there is very little to stop local shops and businesses from advertising online and reaching people with their products and services in all corners of the country. Free classified advertising can offer these businesses the opportunity to place ads reaching their local community online completely free of charge.

So…. what are you waiting for? if you have products or services to sell, please come and place your ads’ere and let us help you find some new customers.

If you are unable to find the correct category for your business listing, please get in touch  and we will be happy to help.

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Humongous Hailstones

Whilst at home for lunch yesterday something extraordinary happened to the little village where I live in Leicestershire.   I was looking out of the window admiring my new plants and I noticed next doors dog running at speed up the street with my neighbor about 300 yards behind looking a bit worried.  The sky then suddenly turned very black and it started to thunder.

I quite enjoy a thunder storm so opened the window and sat watching however, what came next was absolutely unbelievable and I closed my window very quickly.  I honestly thought it was the end of the world, hailstones the size of tennis balls started to fall, battering everything in their path and the noise was horrendous.  They completely smashed through our guttering, my car is full of dents, my neighbours greenhouse was smashed to smithereens, car windows were completely shattered, solar panels cracked, conservatory roofs smashed, birds were falling from the sky and our beloved Poppy the dog was terrified.  The trail of destruction the storm has left behind is unbelievable, my news plants are destroyed and the trees are  bare and I have a huge excess on my insurance to get my car fixed, although I am just thankful there were no fatalities in this area.  

I have found this video which may help you to understand just how bad it was  – Hailstorm in Burbage  If you experienced the storm we would love you to share you experience with us in the comments below.

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Why we don’t like animals at ads’

A bit of an inflammatory title, eh?

Let me expand a little – we LOVE animals, but we HATE adverts that offer animals for sale.

We understand that animals have always been sold and will continue to be sold, but not here at ads’ere, no sirree.

Having grown up surrounded by cats, dogs, rabbits, ponies and more, we know the care attention and work that goes into owning a pet. We also know that the decision to own that pet should be made after a long thought process, not just as a result of seeing a cute picture on the internet.

Much as the internet has made our lives easier in so many ways, it’s sad to see how easy it has made it to pick up the latest fad pet, whether it be a miniature pig or a cute little tortoise. You click a few links, give your credit card details and voila, you have a new addition to your family! Great!

What’s not so great is that a cute little picture and an easy buying process doesn’t convey the amount of commitment a pet brings. It doesn’t tell you how to look after the animal you’ve bought. And it doesn’t tell you whether the pet you’ve chosen is the right one for you, your family or your lifestyle.

We love animals too much to see them placed in unsuitable homes.

On the other side of the coin, the internet has also made it easy for people to sell animals. They say “You can be anything you like on the internet” and in a lot of cases that’s not a good thing.

That gorgeous dog that’s for sale? The one the owner says is great with kids, housetrained and loves cats? How do you know for sure? Until you bring him home to your family and other pets, and the unmentionable happens. It’s not easy to get rid of a dog that’s not child friendly, and unfortunately some unscrupulous owners will make a few pounds while passing their pets onto homes that are blatantly wrong. Issues aren’t disclosed, and these poor animals end up being passed from home to home, making their behaviour worse, until they end up being palmed off on somewhere like the RSPCA or Battersea Dogs’ Home, running the risk of never finding a suitable home.

It’s not just dogs; the internet makes it so easy for unlicensed breeders to sell all manner of animals without correct certificates, advice or health assurances.

A site that allows animal ads is a great thing for puppy farms, banned breeders, fake pedigrees and more; we won’t be a part of that.

So please, take it from us, in this instance, we don’t like animals at ads’

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Carboot in the rain?

Millions of pounds are being spent at car boot sales each year and as we become more thrifty, more and more people are loving car boot sales,  they are a brilliant friendly way to recycle your unwanted goods.  Hoards of people are rising early on Saturday’s and Sunday’s to secure their pitch at the sale and there’s also plenty of preparation that goes into getting your items ready for sale.  Some people are avid carbooters, attending boot sales at every opportunity and loving the banter and then others attending out of necessity, to make some extra cash.  However, what happens when it’s raining and cold outside?  the carboot sales are usually cancelled and people end up with all their unwanted stuff taking up room in their garage or shed and they have to wait for the next carboot sale and their extra cash.

Indoor boot sale

However you can now carboot in comfort, ads’ere is an excellent resource for all you carbooters out there.  You could create your own ads’ere car boot community it would be a great place for all those attending the car boot to place ads for their unwanted stuff and then meet with your buyers to exchange monies at the next car boot or you could always simply sell your items online.

Buy and sell online

ads’ere is so simple to use and  completely free, you can sell your stuff from the convenience of your own home, without having to stand out in the cold or get up at the crack of dawn at the weekends in order to secure the best pitch and best of all you get to walk away with all the cash with no fees involved.  Also instead of trekking around the carboot sale trying to find a secondhand bargain you are able to browse items by category at your own leisure 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Carboot community

If you wish to learn more about ads’ere please read our Top Ten Reasons to use adsere and if you would like to create your own car boot community, please click here it’s easy to do and 100% free to list as many items for sale as you like for as long as you like.  You can share your community easily on Facebook, twitter and also via e-mail by using the share buttons underneath each ad and community page, helping you to gain new members  whilst advertising your items for sale.

If you have any funny stories about carbooting in the rain we would love you to tell us about them in the comments below.

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Living life in the secondhand lane

Can you imagine yourself living a secondhand life for a year?

When I came across Suzy Prince on twitter, I was totally fascinated by her mission and so I decided to investigate and share with you.  Suzy Prince and Mr SHS are fanatical secondhanders who have made the amazing decision to take their love for preloved to another level.  They will be purchasing every physical, non-perishable product for personal use, secondhand for exactly one year, their Secondhand Safari commenced on 1 May 2012 and will finish on 30 April 2013.

If you are interested to follow and learn more about Suzy Prince and Mr SHS on their Safari you can visit their web site Secondhand Safari where you are able to follow Suzy’s blog, view the Safari rules, see their latest purchases and also the following Q & A’s which offer a great insight to their journey –

Q: Are you suggesting that everyone buys everything second hand? 
A: Not at all! The economy would largely grind to a halt, nobody would be able to make or manufacture anything and eventually we’d all start to rock the shabby chic look a little too much. See ‘why am I doing this?’ for the full answer to this question.

Q: Where do you stand on second hand versus vintage?
A: Well, I’m getting quite old and I’m almost sure that the term ‘vintage’ wasn’t widely used until the last decade or so to denote all things second hand. ‘Vintage’ sounds quite posh, which makes it a useful term in many ways. But honestly, I prefer ‘second hand’. Also, this isn’t a ‘vintage’ blog as such. I’m not only buying old (i.e. vintage) things, but also more recent items which are relevant to my life.

Q: How do we know that you won’t cheat?
A: What would be the point? I’m doing this as a personal challenge with the help of Mr SHS. If I cheat, I cheat on myself, just as my mum told me when I looked at my Christmas presents before Christmas day as a child. And she was right: it really didn’t feel as good on Christmas day.

Q: What about if somebody gives you a present during the course of the year? 
A: I’ll take anything like this on a case by case basis. Where possible, without causing offence then gifts given during the course of the year – for Christmas for example – will be stored away until May 1st 2013.

Q: How about items donated to the cause of Secondhand Safari?
A: First of all, I won’t be soliciting donations of either cash or items at any point. But otherwise once again I’ll consider each case individually. For example, somebody has recently donated a high quality digital camera to me, specifically in order to document SHS better than I can with my existing shoddy snap-o-matic. This is a secondhand item which is being received for all the right reasons.

Q: What about stuff that you already own prior to the safari beginning?
A: I’ll keep and continue to use it. The point of this is not to remove still-functioning items from use.

Q: What about work-related items?
A: This safari and challenge are about items intended for personal use. Having said that, if I’m able to source items second hand that are needed for work purposes then I’ll do so. But if, for example, anyone wants to send me a new book to review for a magazine or newspaper (as a writer and journalist this kind of thing does happen) then I’ll review it then put it away until the end of the safari. I’m in no position financially to turn work down, but at the same time I don’t anticipate this kind of issue coming up very often.

Q: What about things like going to cafes or restaurants, or having cultural experiences like the cinema or museum visits?
A: These are all fine and still allowed. Cafes, restaurants and visits to museums etc. are non-physical forms of entertainment. I just won’t be exiting through the gift shop.

Q: How about free stuff, like newspapers or ‘freemium’ magazines?
A: To fit in with the rules then these must be obtained second hand. So, no collecting one from the hands of an official distributor, but if something is discarded on the bus for example then it’s secondhand.

Q: How are you funding this?
A: The same way that I fund my general day to day living, which at the moment is by working freelance as a journalist and subeditor, as well as various other projects. I’m applying for a few small grants, and will disclose these if I’m successful. Also, if either me or Mr SHS come across items on our travels which we don’t want for personal use but we can resell, than that’s also a legitimate means of funding the safari.

Q: Are you hoping to make money from doing this?
A: Making money is not the primary reason for this challenge. Like generations of arty types before me I’m doing this for different reasons. Having said that, I have no problem whatsoever making money indirectly through this safari, as with anything else that I spend my working day doing. Second hand goods generally have to be paid for, and I still have to earn a living throughout this process. I would be delighted to be in a position where I could concentrate on this full time for a year… I already did the ‘starving artist’ thing and it’s not much fun.

Q: Are your children going to live a secondhand year too?
A: Our children are not a direct part of this challenge. However, anything that we (me or Mr SHS) buy or obtain for them will be sourced secondhand. But the usual gifts from grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends etc. will be gratefully received as ever.

Q: What do you think you’ll find the hardest thing to give up?
A: Sale shopping. As well as second handing I’m a massive sales shopper. I’m one of those infuriating people who rarely buys anything at full price. I make up for this big time at sales time or in ‘discounted’ shops like TK Maxx. I’m going to find that hard going, but at the same time I’m intending to go right up against the coalface and head into town at sales times to feel the full force of unobtainable desire.

Q: What do your friends and family think of this?
A: Most of them don’t know yet but I’m expecting the usual mixture of amusement, vague alarm and faint confusion that happens when I announce yet another harebrained scheme.

Q: Are you expecting anything else to come of this?
A: I’ve got a real gut feeling that it’s going to be a positive life step but right now I don’t know exactly how.

Q: Why is Mr SHS participating? 
A: Well, we talked about it and both decided that it would be pointless if I’m not buying anything new for him to buy and bring new goods into the house. Plus, it will be interesting to report on second hand purchases from a male point of view as well as that of a female. All for one, one for all in the SHS household.

Q: Surely you’re not being ‘purist’ enough about this second hand business if you’re still buying food, drink and health and hygiene products brand new?
A: Well, the nitpickers will always nitpick, but it’s my belief that this is a nice, neat way to have an adventure, make some valid points and change my life for the better.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the Secondhand Safari, I will definitely be following their journey, will you?

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Fantastic Lego Party!

It has been a very busy weekend in the Salter household with our son Charlie turning seven on Saturday.  The sun never fails to shine for his birthday and true to form it was an absolutely beautiful day.   Charlie had decided some time ago that he would love a Lego party so the search was on and low and behold I found a company on twitter who were able to make his wish come true.

Create Build Learn is based in Solihull run by a lady called Collette and her son Jamie. They arrive at your chosen party destination with absolutely tonnes of Lego all organised neatly in big boxes.  The children were put into pairs and had little competitions to see who could build the biggest tower, the best robot and then the most fun of all who could create the best car and race it down a huge ramp. I was absolutely stunned by how quiet they all were, totally engrossed in the Lego.

Everyone had a brilliant time and they were so well behaved, much to my relief! Collette and Jamie were very calm and helpful and made it great fun for all them, making sure everyone joined in, even the adults when it came to cheering on the teams when racing their cars. I would definitely recommend a Lego party, everything was so easy, peaceful and clean.  Collette is very well organised and set up and packed away very quickly and most importantly she is fantastic with the children and her son Jamie is a great help.

As the weather was so great we were also able to do the kids burgers and hot dogs on the barbecue and they all sat in the garden, with an ice cream for afters followed by lots of fun with their bubble swords.  The perfect party for a group of 7 year olds!

If you are interested in a Create Build Learn party you can contact Collette on 07758 752333.

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Looking for products to be placed in the new Keith Lemon fronted ITV2 Show

Can you help?

Dave is working on a new reality TV series for ITV2.  The show will follow the ‘real life’ antics of TVs craziest presenter – Keith Lemon.  Following the award-winning success of Celebrity Juice, the massive prime-time appeal of Lemonaid, and in anticipation of the cinematic release of Keith’s forthcoming movie Keith Lemon: The Film, the show will document Keith’s life from moving into a new house to attending his very own premiere.

Dave has found a location to be Keith’s house and it’s great. The only problem is it needs filling with loads of items that Keith would own.   Dave is looking for anything you think would fit into Keith’s lifestyle and tastes. He’s particularly into retro products, cool gadgets & anything as loud and in-your-face as the man himself!

Unfortunately Dave can’t offer a credit or guarantee items will appear on the show but if the set designer really loves them, they may feature.

If you think you have anything that sounds perfect please get in touch with Dave either by email or phone.

Journalist name: David Smith
Journalist email:
Journalist telephone: 02078618144

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Recycling Clothes for Cash and Selling Your Used Clothes

Hopefully a change in seasons is imminent and we could all be basking in beautiful sunshine by the beginning of June?!    With the summer season comes a new wardrobe and in the current economic climate we all need to be a bit more thrifty when it comes to new clothes, shoes and accessories.  There are a couple of options which will help you to revive your summer wardrobe without breaking the bank, but first of all you need to have a good sort through the wardrobes in your house and decide which items of clothing you and your family no longer need or want.  A good rule to stick to, is that if you haven’t worn something for a year then chances are you probably won’t wear it again and you should sell the used clothes for cash.

Sell your used clothes and make cash for new ones

Once you have decided on the used clothes, shoes and accessories that you would like to sell,  you need to decide whether you are going to sell them as individual items or as a bundle.  It is very popular to bundle children’s clothing together and advertise more expensive items individually.  Please consider all of the following when placing your items for sale:

    • Please try and remember that you are selling the items to make cash, so try not to focus too much on the amount you originally paid and be realistic with your pricing.
    • It’s always advisable to sell the right type of clothing as per the current season, so if you have some spring/summer items you want to sell, this would be particularly great right now.
    • Always try to wash and iron the clothes before you list them for sale and keep them in a nice clean environment until you are ready to exchange for cash.
    • Be truthful in your description, if there is some wear and tear it needs to be stated in the ad.
    • Take good photographs of all your items and put some thought into the background in the pictures.
    • Clothes sizing is important, especially if you are bundling together, you need to make sure that all items are listed with their sizes in the ad.

Here are a just a few clothing items currently for sale on ads’ere

Remember that you are selling the items in order to revamp your wardrobe so any cash you make put it safely to one side until you have enough to get your new summer look

Swap your unwanted clothes

Swishing parties are becoming increasingly popular in the UK especially amongst women, Swishing is apparently the term used for a clothes swapping party.  Swapping your unwanted clothes is a fantastic idea as it enables you to add new clothes, shoes and accessories to your wardrobe without it affecting your bank balance and it’s also good for our environment.  recycling your clothes in this way is also good for your sole, it always helps knowing that the items you have lovingly worn and looked after are going to a nice new home.  If you don’t have the time to attend swishing parties you can always swap your clothes easily on-line as per these ads:

Whether you choose to sell or swap both are great ways to revamp your wardrobe without spending a penny, so what are you waiting for get sorting and place some free ads on ads’ere let us help you to make some cash.

If you can think of any other ways to make cash from your old clothes please feel free to share them with us in the comments below:

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