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  • Q. How can I change my password to something more memorable?
  • A. If you log in from the home page this will take you to your Myadsere, next to Manage it all from here you will see edit my account, if you click this to edit and scroll to the bottom of your profile page you have the option to change your password. Thank you.
  • Q. How do I put a picture on my ad? I want to download from my iPad.
  • A. Currently you can only upload pictures from a computer, so if you have taken a picture using an iPhone/iPad you would need to e-Mail it to yourself and save onto your computer and then upload to ads'ere. However we are in the process of developing an app which will allow you to upload from android and iPhone/iPad devices, we will keep you posted.
  • Q. Thanks for the opportunity to place a free ad on your website. How do I go about leaving contact details so prospective customers can seek further details or order
  • A. If you place an ad for a service rather than a product, this allows you to add your web address. However if you are listing a product, and people wish to contact you they can do so through our e-Mail system. When logged in you will see contact the user about this ad under each ad on our site, this enables people to e-Mail you through ads'ere, if at this point you wish to give your telephone number etc. this is totally up to you. The reason we do this is not everyone wishes to give out their e-Mail & telephone number and also we are trying to create a safe environment for you to trade in.
  • Q. How can i change my user name?
  • A. You can change your username by contacting us via the contact form and letting us have your current username and the username you wish to amend it to and we will change it for you.
  • Q. How can I share my ad on my Facebook page?
  • A. You can share any ad with your Facebook page is all you need to do is view the ad and click on share this on Facebook, the ad will then also be seen by all your Facebook friends!
  • Q. Where can I share my ad?
  • A. You are able to share your ad easily via Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, e-Mail and lots of other social sharing sites.
  • Q. Can I restore my ad?
  • A. Your ad will stay in your recycle bin for 90 days during this time you can restore the item at any time using simple drag & drop technology, however after 90 days the ad will be deleted.
  • Q. How do people contact me about my ad?
  • A. People have to register in order to contact you about your ad, they are then able to send you a message using the Contact the user about this ad button located under each ad, this way all personal details are kept private.
  • Q. I've had a reminder to renew my ad although I only listed it a couple of days ago. How long is it on the system before it's automatically removed?
  • A. Product ads are renewed every 7 days. You will receive a renewal e-Mail within which is a link to renew your ad, all you need to do is click on the link and your ad will be live again. Service ads are automatically renewed for a period of 4 weeks after, during the 4 weeks you will receive e-Mail notification that the ad has been renewed. After the 4 week period you will be sent a renewal e-Mail, if you wish to renew again all you need to do is click on the link.
  • Q. Can I change my user name?
  • A. If you would like to change your username please e-mail with your current username and the username you wish to change it to and we can amend this for you.
  • Q. Can I edit my ad
  • A. Yes you certainly can! if you log in using your user name and password and access your Myadsere you can then click on the ad you wish to amend and click on edit your ad, make the changes you need and then make sure you save your info again at the bottom of the page.
  • Q. I don't suppose it's possible to list in more than one community?
  • A. You can only list in one community currently, however we are currently looking into ways which will allow you to duplicate your ad and place it in another community.
  • Q. How do I add my ads to a community? I wanted to put my bike stuff in the motorsport community but I'm not sure how.
  • A. As we can see you are already a member of the Motorsport community, please do the following, 1. Click on Myadsere 2. Click on the listing you would like to add to your motorsport community 3. Click on Edit your ad 4. Click on Classification and Change to community 5. This will then give you the community options, choose Motorsport and save your ad 6. Your ad will now be listed in Motorsport
  • Q. Do I have to register to search ads'ere?
  • A. No, you do not have to register to find what you are looking for, however if you wish to contact the member who has placed the ad you will need to register.
  • Q. Are there any age restrictions for using ads'ere?
  • A. Yes you must be age 18 years and over to use the site.
  • Q. How do I delete a community?
  • A. Please contact ads'ere and we will delete the community for you.
  • Q. Why should I use ads’ere?
  • A. ads’ere is totally free, easy and simple to use, the objective of ads’ere is to provide a global classified advertising service, which operates on an ethical, trustworthy platform at all levels whilst promoting the reduction of waste via recycling by selling, donating or giving away unwanted items.
  • Q. How much will it cost me to sell my product or service on ads’ere?
  • A. Absolutely nothing, ads’ere is totally free to use, we are what we say we are, free, free, free!
  • Q. Are there any hidden costs?
  • A. Certainly not!
  • Q. Who can use ads’ere?
  • A. Anybody over the age of 18yrs that would like to buy or sell a product or service or maybe you are looking for something and may want to place a wanted ad.
  • Q. How do I pay the seller for the product or service?
  • A. This is totally down to the seller to decide how they would like to receive payment.
  • Q. What happens if I believe a product or service to be fraudulent on the web site?
  • A. You can notify a member of the ads’ere team by clicking on report this ad, we will then endeavour to work closely with all enforcement agencies, to ensure that persons placing ads for unethical, offensive, or illegal adverts are dealt with.
  • Q. What do I do if I feel the site can be improved in any way?
  • A. Please feel free to send any ideas through our contact us page, we are always willing to listen to our members and try to improve the to suit you.
  • Q. Can I save my ad for use at a later date?
  • A. Yes you can is all you have to do is access your My ads’ere page and drag and drop your ad into Drafts.
  • Q. How do I create an ad?
  • A. 1. Login to your My ads'ere using your username and password 2. Click on Place a Sale Ad 3. Fill out all fields to make the best of your ad you can also upload images, video and sound! 4. Click on Save my Info and your ad will be live on the site within two minutes.
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