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  • Q. I don't suppose it's possible to list in more than one community?
  • A. You can only list in one community currently, however we are currently looking into ways which will allow you to duplicate your ad and place it in another community.
  • Q. How do I add my ads to a community? I wanted to put my bike stuff in the motorsport community but I'm not sure how.
  • A. As we can see you are already a member of the Motorsport community, please do the following, 1. Click on Myadsere 2. Click on the listing you would like to add to your motorsport community 3. Click on Edit your ad 4. Click on Classification and Change to community 5. This will then give you the community options, choose Motorsport and save your ad 6. Your ad will now be listed in Motorsport
  • Q. How do I delete a community?
  • A. Please contact ads'ere and we will delete the community for you.
  • Q. Who can create/use a community
  • A. As a member of ads’ere you can create your own community or join an existing one. A community could be your street or village, your child’s school or college; it could be your university or workplace, your club or group. The advantage of communities is that there is a good chance you will know the other members, or at least know you share similar interests, this can take a great deal of stress out of trading, or acquiring services as you are dealing within an honest environment.