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  • Q. How can i change my user name?
  • A. You can change your username by contacting us via the contact form and letting us have your current username and the username you wish to amend it to and we will change it for you.
  • Q. I've had a reminder to renew my ad although I only listed it a couple of days ago. How long is it on the system before it's automatically removed?
  • A. Product ads are renewed every 7 days. You will receive a renewal e-Mail within which is a link to renew your ad, all you need to do is click on the link and your ad will be live again. Service ads are automatically renewed for a period of 4 weeks after, during the 4 weeks you will receive e-Mail notification that the ad has been renewed. After the 4 week period you will be sent a renewal e-Mail, if you wish to renew again all you need to do is click on the link.
  • Q. Do I have to register to search ads'ere?
  • A. No, you do not have to register to find what you are looking for, however if you wish to contact the member who has placed the ad you will need to register.
  • Q. Are there any age restrictions for using ads'ere?
  • A. Yes you must be age 18 years and over to use the site.
  • Q. Why should I use ads’ere?
  • A. ads’ere is totally free, easy and simple to use, the objective of ads’ere is to provide a global classified advertising service, which operates on an ethical, trustworthy platform at all levels whilst promoting the reduction of waste via recycling by selling, donating or giving away unwanted items.
  • Q. Who can use ads’ere?
  • A. Anybody over the age of 18yrs that would like to buy or sell a product or service or maybe you are looking for something and may want to place a wanted ad.