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  • Q. How do I put a picture on my ad? I want to download from my iPad.
  • A. Currently you can only upload pictures from a computer, so if you have taken a picture using an iPhone/iPad you would need to e-Mail it to yourself and save onto your computer and then upload to ads'ere. However we are in the process of developing an app which will allow you to upload from android and iPhone/iPad devices, we will keep you posted.
  • Q. Thanks for the opportunity to place a free ad on your website. How do I go about leaving contact details so prospective customers can seek further details or order
  • A. If you place an ad for a service rather than a product, this allows you to add your web address. However if you are listing a product, and people wish to contact you they can do so through our e-Mail system. When logged in you will see contact the user about this ad under each ad on our site, this enables people to e-Mail you through ads'ere, if at this point you wish to give your telephone number etc. this is totally up to you. The reason we do this is not everyone wishes to give out their e-Mail & telephone number and also we are trying to create a safe environment for you to trade in.
  • Q. Can I restore my ad?
  • A. Your ad will stay in your recycle bin for 90 days during this time you can restore the item at any time using simple drag & drop technology, however after 90 days the ad will be deleted.
  • Q. Can I edit my ad
  • A. Yes you certainly can! if you log in using your user name and password and access your Myadsere you can then click on the ad you wish to amend and click on edit your ad, make the changes you need and then make sure you save your info again at the bottom of the page.
  • Q. Can I save my ad for use at a later date?
  • A. Yes you can is all you have to do is access your My ads’ere page and drag and drop your ad into Drafts.
  • Q. How do I create an ad?
  • A. 1. Login to your My ads'ere using your username and password 2. Click on Place a Sale Ad 3. Fill out all fields to make the best of your ad you can also upload images, video and sound! 4. Click on Save my Info and your ad will be live on the site within two minutes.