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  • Q. What do I do when my item is sold?
  • A. You will automatically receive a renewals e-Mail, within the e-Mail is a sold button, just click on this button, your item will then be placed in your recycle bin for 90 days. Or you can access your Myadsere and place your item in your recycle bin using simple drag & drop technology.
  • Q. How does the review system work?
  • A. Anyone that you have communicated with is able to give you a review you are then also able to leave a response to their review or report the review to the ads'ere team if you have a problemt.
  • Q. Who will have access to my personal information?
  • A. Please be assured that we have taken steps to ensure that all personal data is secure and we undertake never to disclose this data to third parties.
  • Q. How do I know that the ad is current?
  • A. ads’ere is unique in that it guarantees all ads are validated frequently, ensuring that they are always current.
  • Q. Can other member see my e-mail address & telephone number?
  • A. ads’ere does not permit personal data to be published on the website, initial contact between members is via a secure hosted messaging system, only when you are happy to divulge your private details do you have to!
  • Q. Who can create/use a community
  • A. As a member of ads’ere you can create your own community or join an existing one. A community could be your street or village, your child’s school or college; it could be your university or workplace, your club or group. The advantage of communities is that there is a good chance you will know the other members, or at least know you share similar interests, this can take a great deal of stress out of trading, or acquiring services as you are dealing within an honest environment.
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