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Stay Safe Online

People have traded via classified adverts since the first one in colonial America, which appeared appeared in 1704 in a publication known as the Boston News-Letter. A process that has survived for 300 years must have something going for it!

The fact is that the vast majority of people are honest, unfortunately that still leaves a few that are not.

Use your common sense to stay safe online and while trading or buying services.

  • If you are new to buying and selling, start in a community and stay local until you gain experience and confidence.

  • If a deal seems too good to be true, do not go near it.

  • On ads’ere our secure messaging system means that you can communicate without giving out any personal information. Never give out such data until you are comfortable about it. Only give the minimum amount of information that is essential for the exercise.

  • Before committing yourself, ensure that you ask some questions. A) When and where did they buy the item? B) Did it come with any warranty and if so how much is left? C) Do they have the original paperwork? D) What is its condition and does it work 100%? E) Why are they selling it? F) Has it been repaired and what is its service history if relevant?

  • Never meet the seller or buyer alone and if possible always in a well-lit, public place with others around, a workplace is good. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, never at either parties home. Use cash for the exchange, and only carry what is required.

  • Insist on a receipt for anything of value, and ask for the original paper work if it’s available.

  • Retain the details of the transaction, names, phone number, email address, fully check out the item immediately, to ensure that it’s fully functioning and meets the condition of the deal!

Advice in Brief:

  • Stay safe, think it all though first.

  • Do your research thoroughly.

  • Remember your personal data is one of your most valuable possessions keep is safe.

  • Keep records.

  • Meet in a public place.

Further advice is available on the internet use your Search engine, and check out the links below.